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What is Sage Hill?

Sage Hill is a coalition of separate but coordinated initiatives (Counseling, Consulting, Resources, and Training). Together these four initiatives make up Sage Hill: A Social Impact Organization. Founded by Chip Dodd, PhD., the mission of Sage Hill is to help people see who they are made to be so they can do what they are made to do by creating, developing, maintaining, and propagating meaningful and sustainable life-changing relational contexts grounded in the Spiritual Root System.

Sage Hill Counseling (SHC)

“You can live fully! We’re here to help.”

SHC’s vision is to help change the world one story at a time by developing sustainable communities of professionals who practice with passion, intimacy, and integrity. SHC’s mission is to be an influential and impactful community of trusted professionals informed by the Spiritual Root System; supported in consistently offering the best of themselves as people and professionals; and committed to helping people recover their hearts, redeem their stories, and transform their lives. SHC has offices in Nashville, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, and Memphis. We’ve been in operation since 2014.

Sage Hill Consulting

“The Heart of Leadership.”

Helps successful entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives lead with clarity, confidence, and wisdom. Sage Hill Consulting has four areas of service:

  • Sage Hill Leadership Lab
  • Executive Advising/Leadership Consulting
  • Professional Sustainability
  • Crisis Management Consulting

Sage Hill Resources

Podcasts, books, blogs, speaking and other resources informed by the Spiritual Root System that help people live fully, love deeply, and lead well.

Sage Hill Training

“Get you. Be you. Give you away.”

Sage Hill Training is a personal/professional development experience to equip Christian professionals, ministry leaders, and lay leaders to grow their abilities to lead and care for others with passion, intimacy, and integrity. The goal of SHT is to guide people toward becoming “portable sanctuaries” so that, wherever they are and with whomever they interact, they can be people of strength, security, compassion, rest, and wisdom.