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Clearing out the Weeds of Resentment

My husband, Steve, is a master gardener. He has created wonderful beauty in every garden of every house in which we have lived. Most of our marriage, I did not contribute anything to the gardens. My shame would not allow me to even participate because I had no...

Some Days You Feel Like the Ocean

Some days you will feel like the ocean. Some days you will feel like you are drowning in it. - Lora Mathis Aren’t there moments when this is absolutely true — we feel like the ocean! Powerful. Strong. Unstoppable. Floating easily with contentment and joy,...

Discovering My Neediness In Parenting

Working with children, teens, and families has taught me many impactful lessons throughout my years of practice. One lesson that rings true for me more than ever is: parenting is not for the faint of heart, but the strong and courageous. They say it is the hardest...

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We are a social impact organization offering counseling, consulting, events, resources, and training focused on living fully from the heart.

Parenting with Heart – In their new book, Chip Dodd and Stephen James talk about the importance of parents knowing their heart.

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