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Surviving Back to School Chaos

"Mom, I am so sad." On the way home from tax-free weekend shopping, my son, gazing out the window as we passed his old middle school, said, "Oh Mom, I’m so sad. I will miss my old middle school." In that moment, I realized that I was sad too. His voice... his heart......

To Change

For the majority of my life, I’ve felt drawn to change. Not the dye-my-hair-every-season type of change, but a voracious hunger for new surroundings, new roles to explore, new relationships to replace old. I moved across the city, the country, the world; I changed...

Welcome to Sage Hill

We are committed to helping you grow in how you care for yourself and others through rediscovering the truth of your heart.

We are a social impact organization offering counseling, consulting, events, resources, and training focused on living fully from the heart.

Parenting with Heart – In their new book, Chip Dodd and Stephen James talk about the importance of parents knowing their heart.

This unique story takes us into the mystery of our hearts and beckons us to listen to our cry for liberty.

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