The Eight Feelings™ - Counseling, Online Counseling and Teletherapy - Nashville, TN

The Eight Feelings™ are eight tools human beings have to help them live fully in a tragic place. Each feeling, lived in relationship with one’s self, others, and God, leads to the gift(s) they are created to bring us. On the other hand, attempting to block the vulnerability of feelings lead to impaired results and their effects in one’s life.

ResentmentHurtHealing & Courance
Pride & DepressionAngerPassion
AnxietyFearWisdom & Faith
Toxic Shame & ContemptShameHumility
Toxic Shame & ShamelessnessGuiltFreedom & Forgiveness
Sensuous or sensual pleasure without heartGladJoy with sadness

Truth (Willingness + Patience + Work + Time) = Gift

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