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Cresson Haugland, MS, LMFT

Cresson's approach as a therapist has been developed as a result of years of training under various psychotherapists utilizing systems theory, attachment based focuses, and a psychodynamic approach and through her own therapeutic journey of confronting unhealthy patterns and relationships in her life. She is especially passionate about guiding others through the process of learning to tell the truth about who they are in a way that is honest while being compassionate.

Cresson returned to her college home town of Nashville after several years on Young Life staff in Memphis and further continuing her education at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Her clinical experience began in a community mental health agency in the greater Los Angeles area, where she worked primarily with couples and families in crisis. Since being at Sage Hill, Cresson has continued to pursue further education in couples therapy methods and other integrative approaches.

When she isn’t enjoying a good cup of coffee in the therapy room, you will likely find Cresson lost in the mountains, opening up a bottle of red wine around a table of friends, or planning which country to cross off of her bucket list next.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Relationship Issues
  • Women's Issues

BS Human & Organizational Development, Vanderbilt University

MS Marital & Family Therapy, Fuller Theological Seminary

Training and Certifications

Licensed Marital and Family Therapist, TN LC#1390, EMDR Trained, Level Two Gottman Methods Couple Therapy, Level Two Certification Restoration Therapy, SYMBIS Pre-Marital Facilitator

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The Basics
Where are you from?
Colleyville, Texas

Do you have pets?
one dog, an 11 month old border collie/australian shepherd mix named Lily Potter

Describe yourself in five words.
Thoughtful, Dedicated, Spontaneous, Loyal, Ambitious

About Your Practice
How did you get into this profession?
My first three years after college were spent working in youth ministry, where I became immersed in working alongside adolescents and their families in ways that ignited a desire in me to know and understand the people I was working with in deeper ways. During that time I also began my own journey of healing with a counselor that helped me develop language and understanding for the experiences I had growing up, which ultimately led to my own discovery of the desire to provide the same realm of healing for others.

Who has influenced your work?
The work of Dan Siegel, Robert Karen, Pia Mellody, Terry Hargrave, John and Julie Gottman, Melody Beattie, Bessel van der Kolk, Judith Herman, Richard Rohr, Esther Perel My mentors during internship - Dr. Michelle Harwell, an incredible psychoanalyst who taught me to be comfortable with the unknown, Dr. Terry Hargrave, who taught me to be bold and speak the truth, and Dr. Diane Cortes, who taught me how to treat every human person with dignity

How does your faith play itself out in your work?
The main influence of my faith is the way in which I systemically view the world and the work of therapy as a means to invite restoration into brokenness.

What is your favorite type of music and your favorite singer/band?
I've seen the Avett Brothers live over ten times, so I think that technically makes them my "favorite band", but I will unabashedly blast Beyonce, Taylor Swift, or Chance the Rapper at any given opportunity.

Which TV show would you never miss?
Schitt's Creek, Game of Thrones (RIP minus the last season), anything the Bachelor franchise puts out (sorry not sorry)

What's your favorite book or author?
Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

What is your favorite sport/physical activity?
hiking or beach volleyball

What's your favorite place to visit?
my family's home in Keystone, Colorado

Just for Fun
What was your first job?
I worked in the snack shop of a local water park during the summer. It was about as terrible as it sounds.

What is your most treasured possession?
Based on the amount of time, energy, and resources I invest in it, my home.

If you have friends coming over, what would you cook?
Cheese and charcuterie are a given to begin, but actual cooking would likely involve some recipe I saved from the NYT Cooking Blog 3 months ago I've been waiting for an opportunity to test out. My friends often become unwilling guinea pigs for new things.

What pastimes or hobbies do you enjoy?
I enjoy spending an entire day outside- whether that's hiking, walking the dog, working in my yard, or just wandering in a neighborhood I haven't visited before, being outside represents leisure and exploration in ways that refresh and inspire me.

Other than your current home, if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

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