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What does it mean to live life on life’s terms? It is to say, “OK, Life, I see you. I don’t really like what you are saying or doing, but I am choosing not to ignore you. I am going to take you at face value and just do the next right thing.” It means to take each day one day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time, acknowledging and accepting what is, and what can or cannot be done within the current circumstances.

Living life on life’s terms is to:

Tell the truth about what is really happening in life

Accept my feelings about what life is giving me at this moment

Discern what I can change or cannot change

Take one small action step based on the present moment

We are living in unprecedented times. It can be difficult to not be tempted to put our heads in the sand to attempt to avoid reality or to become obsessively preoccupied with all of the information available to try to be prepared for what is next. Both options give a false sense of control and comfort that are strategies to avoid our true feelings. The truth is, life is out of control. It always has been, and now we are facing that truth in a way that cannot be avoided in this cultural moment. With that truth usually comes a lot of feelings. Being out of control can feel painful and frightening. Thankfully, feelings are not facts and when we move through our feelings we can often come to a place of surrender that gives clarity to our needs that guide us to make changes that are within reach.

If you help exploring what it means to live your life on life’s terms, we’re here to help. We have virtual therapy sessions available in this season so you can process what you are feeling with a trusted professional. Reach out for help today.

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