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Get unstuck.
Overcome hurdles.
Move forward.

Individual, Couples, & Family Therapeutic Intensives

Do you feel like your you’re getting the most out of life?

Sometimes in life we get stuck or need a push getting started.
At times like these, intensive short-term therapy can help you overcome what is keeping you from the growth and healing you desire and gain new momentum in your recovery process and healing journey.

Our team approach helps you get the help you need.

Each therapy intensive is custom designed to help participants get the most out of their commitment to growth. Because we take a team approach we are able to tailor every intensive to address the specific needs of the individual.

Sage Hill therapeutic intensives can be custom designed to address:

  • Individual Trauma Healing
  • Boosting Addictions Recovery
  • Affair Recovery
  • Developing Deeper Family Connections
  • Addressing Major Life Choices
  • Creating Healthy Relationships
  • Greif Recovery
  • Anxiety And Depression Recovery
  • Spiritual Direction

The 4-step process:

1) Assessment

You start with a conversation to evaluate if a therapeutic intensive is a good match for your desired outcome.

2) Interview

Next is a thorough interview to help your therapist understand your story and be able to focus on what can be accomplished during your intensive.

3) Intensive

The primary part of the intensive allows you an in-depth exploration of the issues you are addressing.

4) Follow-Up

1-2 weeks later after the intensive, you will touch base with your therapist to discuss any follow-up questions or concerns that may have come up.

Your Investment

Because every intensive is custom-designed​ to meet the specific needs of the client,
the cost can only be determined after an initial consultation.

Therapeutic intensives help you
see who you are made to be
so you can do what you are made to do.


About Sage Hill

We are committed to helping you grow in how you care for yourself and others through rediscovering the truth of your heart.

We are a social impact organization offering counseling, events, resources, and training focused on living fully from the heart.

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