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Daily Life Made Simpler

Life and living have never been simple, no matter where we live or the era in which we live. All of the technological and intellectual advancements we have made do not stop the turmoil that comes with living one’s own life, especially one’s internal experience.

    A simple question, however, can help us step into the relationships that make our lives fuller, more joyful and confident in the midst of turmoil. The question is, “What is the truth?” Answering the question faithfully can create an opportunity for attachment and trust. Living the question by answering it faithfully can advance the development of intimacy and integrity. Intimacy is the ability to be known from within—into-me-see, making one available to relationship and love. Integrity is the character of trustworthiness that comes from being truthful.

Intimacy is the ability to be known from within— into-me-see, making one available to relationship and love.

    “What is the truth?” is the question we need to ask day in and day out, within our own quiet times, in decision making, and in the relational experiences we have throughout our days—public or private life. That question and its answer we need to ask and answer to keep life as simple as possible. When we ask the question, face the answer, and learn the wisdom of speaking the answer, many worries and anxieties fade.

    When we face the truth in ourselves and speak it wisely, we don’t have to remember what we said to whom and when. We don’t have to look over our shoulders or anticipate consequences of being exposed. We don’t have to manage others through persuasion or manipulation. We are set free to live our lives in the mirror and before the faces of others, especially if it is faced and spoken with care and mercy.  

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