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“Trust that which gives you meaning and accept it as your guide.”
C.G. Jung

Calling is the path to meaning, purpose, and significance.

The iconic 1985 movie The Goonies tells the story of Mickey, Chunk, Data, and Mouth (the Goonies); a group of young misfits who discover an ancient treasure map and set out on an adventure to find the legendary treasure of One-Eyed Willy in order to save their small town. Staying one step ahead of the evil Fratelli family, the Goonies navigate One-Eyed Willy’s boobie traps as they courageously persevere to discover treasure. Along the way, they don’t just save their town, they also discover who they really are as young men.

We are all kinda Goonies in our own way—misfits who need the adventure of a bigger story to connect into and come alive in. The idea of searching for a lost treasure taps into something much bigger, truer, and deeper than personal wealth and glory. It speaks to the emotional and spiritual work we all must do if we are to live life to the fullest.

The pursuit of calling uncovers the truth. Wisdom teaches that much of our growth, healing, fulfillment, and success comes when we discover (or rediscover):

  1. our own personal story;
  2. our part in the bigger human story; and
  3. our place in the Eternal story — and lean into all three.

Each of us has an important and unique story to live—but to live it well, we each must discover and develop our specific calling. As we live into our callings, life is made more meaningful, purposeful, and significant.

Going Deeper
  • What are some moments in your life when you were close to being who you were made to be and doing what you were made to do? Moments where life has felt meaningful and significant to you?
  • What is different about you and the world in those moments?
  • When have you sensed, experienced, or faced the Story beyond yourself? How have you encountered the Eternal story that is the core of all things?
  • What are the opportunities you have today to move closer to either discovering, uncovering, or living from your truest self?

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