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Spiritual Direction, Nashvillle, TN, Brentwood, TN, Murfreesboro, TN

Spiritual Direction

Guided holy listening

Our Convictions

Spiritual Direction is rooted in two basic convictions: 1) that our relationship with God is of primary and fundamental importance to our life; and 2) that our relationship with God invades and informs all aspects of our lives and world, there is—ultimately—no separation.

Our Director

Sage Hill Counseling’s Spiritual Director, Dane Anthony, guides clients into presence and awareness of their own lives. He helps you seek a deeper understanding of yourself so that you might have more authentic and unified relationships. Direction is a relationship entered into with an understanding of mutual obedience to the revelation of the Spirit of God, our primary Director.

Our Approach

Dane’s approach is rooted in the traditional understanding of Spiritual Direction as “holy listening,” a context in which God’s presence directs our conversation and leads us to live, in the words of Parker Palmer, “divided no more.”


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April 2, 2019