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Many of the frustrations we face in life result from denying, rejecting, and/or ignoring our personal calling. As we do this, we become split off from ourselves and the ONE to which we are a part and belong.

Few people pursue, discover, and fulfill a calling because inherent in following a calling is struggle, loss, and significant change. Instead of struggling, surrendering, and changing, sadly, many people employ a combination of strategies to ignore Calling.

Strategy 1: Follow Scripts. One way we avoid Calling is by following the scripts handed to us by parents, culture, leaders/gurus, or institutions. The scripts blind us from our calling by promising “safety and the confirmation of your outer identity.”* They offer their own take on a successful life through gaining knowledge, maintaining piety, achieving accomplishment, and/or gaining material success. Scripts produce enough security and reward that we work harder and harder at them to succeed, but really it’s like trying to scale a mountain of ice. Very few of us ever make it to the top, and those who do are quickly dethroned or exposed as frauds. This “success” is a solitary and momentary triumph for us.

Strategy 2: Refusal, avoidance, and/or resignation. When the going gets tough, most often we quit. When people see how much Calling will cost us (financially, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and personally), we often stop. This is important because, in truth, Calling is only fully revealed, clarified, and purified through struggle, sacrifice, time, and loss.

Strategy 3: Try and take a shortcut. Because of the struggle and patience entailed in Calling, some try to take a shortcut or con the process. This does not work. It’s like building a house of cards – it always falls apart. Shortcuts to fulfillment of Calling disqualify us from the purity of the quest.

Going Deeper
  • How are you avoiding the callings in your life?

* Richard Rohr’s book Immortal Diamond speaks to this so well.

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