Normal Never Felt So Good - Sage Hill Counseling

When a crisis hits, it is inherently disorienting. That’s what makes it a crisis.

The disorientation of the chaos is what makes us start asking “What do I do?”, “Where do I go?”, and we feel like we have lost all control. The truth is, we never had much control in the first place.

Chaos appears when things don’t look the way we want them to look. Our brains have a plan. They calculate and assess and figure, and when life throws us a curve, we can’t make sense of it. We lose our direction. We lose our normal. The structure that we love and the sense of control we obsess over are suddenly gone. We are disoriented and we have FEELINGS ABOUT THAT!

So, what do you do?

Do you do anything?

In an effort to stop the shaking, what or who do you turn to?

I found myself at the driving range this morning. The driving range feels normal. Same green mats. Same white balls. Same bad swing. I was thrown off a little by the bottle of hand sanitizer on the counter… that was different. But other than that, I found myself settling into something normal. It felt good. It felt safe.

Seeing clients has felt normal. I think we are both benefiting from the weekly routine of doing therapy. It feels safe.

What feels safe to you right now? Amidst the chaos, uncertainty, and the now obviously unknown future (it was always unknown by the way), where are you turning for safety? What are you seeking that is still normal?

You may find that it’s something…simple. In times like these, normal never felt so good.

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