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In a world that rewards us for moving at a dizzying pace, it is often hard to remember that we are limited creatures. We have physical bodies, we live in particular places in space and time, and we have needs. Meanwhile, technology tells us that we can transcend time and space and that we can be everywhere at once – unlimited and omnipresent. When we stop to pay attention to our feelings, however, they tell us otherwise.

This season is a challenging reminder of these limitations that are true all of the time.

Our mobility has been drastically limited, our contact with others is limited, and we recognize our physical vulnerability to a virus we cannot control. We are often left with fewer distractions to prevent us from coming face to face with our hearts. Many of us are finding ourselves feeling increased loneliness, fear, anger, and sadness.

Feeling our feelings in real-time and listening to what they have to say to us can seem counterintuitive when we are used to shutting them down. But, I believe they are the path forward in this journey to authentic living. If you are feeling them more than ever right now, what are they saying to you? What is your anger telling you about what you value? Where is your fear reminding you of what you love and cherish? How can you lean into these feelings even more in this time? Tending to our hearts can help us come out of seasons of distress with more empathy, love, and sanity.

You don’t have to do this alone. We have virtual therapy sessions available in this season so you can process what you are feeling with a trusted professional. Reach out for help – we can pay attention together.

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