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Jan 23rd – Topic of Discussion: The Best You

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3 Things You Need to Know About Anger

1.  Anger acts as the check engine light. When you notice anger coming up in your body: stomach, chest, face, etc, it’s time to slow down and pull the car over to check in with what is really going on. (Car is you; Engine is your heart) Without anger we cannot...

Pleasant lie or painful truth?

Painful truth is better than a pleasant lie. - Bryant McGill Almost two years ago now, my family received some unexpected news. A painful truth, if you will. And it felt how I imagine a tsunami would feel. Frightening. Suffocating. Powerful. Inescapable. And for a...

Clearing out the Weeds of Resentments

My husband, Steve, is a master gardener. He has created wonderful beauty in our gardens in every house in which we have lived. Most of our marriage, I did not contribute anything to the gardens. My shame would not allow me to even participate because I had no...

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