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In light of so much going on in the world that (rightfully) brings up fear, I believe it is important and helpful to remember how we were made.

First, we were made to feel. Your fear is normal. It actually brings about clarity around things that can seem murky or unclear. The gift of fear is wisdom.

What we do with our fear is usually where it goes awry. What would it be like if we each had a space to tell the truth about how scared we are? Would we be willing to admit to ourselves the real truth about some of our deepest fears?

Second, we were created to heal. Our hearts, minds and bodies were all made that way.

How does holding them in or putting them off prevent us from living how we were made to live fully — hurting, healing and all?

In the midst of a season where the lack of control we have is ever-present, my hope is that we can lean into that truth, be honest about our fears and ask for what we need and ultimately… heal.

If you are in need of a space to tell the truth about your fear, Sage Hill is here to help. We have virtual therapy sessions available in this season so you can process what you are feeling with a trusted professional. Reach out for help today.

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