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Good Things Happen

We have been told or figured out four ways that life works. These four thoughts are how we summarize life’s blessings, injustices, unfairness, and pain. We use the statements in an attempt to make life make sense, to allow us to have a sense of control, to let us judge our selves and others, or at least to give us permission to feel badly for our selves about how life works. Here are the statements:

  1. Good things happen to good people.

  2. Bad things happen to good people.

  3. Good things happen to bad people.

  4. Bad things happen to bad people.

     The four statements don’t have much useable truth in their reality. The reality of life is that life happens to everyone. The truth of living, however, is that good things happen to people who are known, known from the inside out. Those four sentences do not contain a better way of living amidst the warp and woof of life’s events. Good things happen to people who are known does contain in it a way to live the vicissitudes of daily life—from the wonder of being able to celebrate, to the heart break of grief.

    Allowing our selves to be known makes room for others to join with us. They can celebrate with us and grieve with us, and be with us in all matters of life in between the best and worst experiences.

    You and I are created as emotional and spiritual creatures, created to do one thing in life—live fully. We cannot live fully unless we are living fully in relationship with our hearts, the hearts of others, and the heart of God. Good things happen to people who are known. Being known places us in the position of how we are created. We can receive the hand of help in times of need, the hands of appreciation in times of joy, the hugs of others in both. We can offer and receive all that binds us together as humans in a place of struggle, a place where the good and bad happens to us all.


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