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Glossary of Heart: Redefining Relationship

Even while in your mother’s womb, before you were able to talk or walk, your heart has been in relationship, desiring attachment and growth, expression and love. Literature, Scripture, psychological and medical research validate this reality. Human beings are emotional and spiritual creatures made with the most fundamental need: to belong and to matter.

Yet, much of what we’ve been taught about relationship and how to actually do it–by educated experts and even well meaning loved ones–has supported the absence of our hearts. In so many ways, we’ve ended up surviving–going through the motions of life, denying or ignoring our deepest needs and desires. As adults, we live our busy lives in a default mode–unaware that we’re missing out on living fully in intimate relationship with others, our Creator, and even ourselves.

This Glossary of Heart presents a daily choice for us. The first option keeps us where we are–just getting by, not paying attention to our hearts, or flat out refusing to open ourselves up to more. The other option takes us on a journey eighteen inches below our heads into our hearts. It’s the hardest yet most courageous choice we can make. I hope you take the risk of living fully in this tragic world. I pray that you choose to listen to the voice of your heart.

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