A Conversation about the Enneagram with Ingrid Ransom - Sage Hill Counseling

I first learned about the Enneagram by going to my church’s small group. One of the leaders was studying and we often discussed it and took the test together. Since then I have read several books, follow several Instagram pages, and enjoy listening to podcasts.

I am dominant in type 2, the helper. Knowing my number helps me be more aware of my motivations in attuning to the needs of others and if I am coming from a place of fear of abandonment or from a place generosity of heart. As a 2, my superpower is thinking I know what other people need and usually being right, which can be a blessing and a curse for me and the people in my life. The Enneagram has exposed my struggle with pride and my ever growing need to “Let Go and Let God.” It also helps normalize my triggers and pain points and shift me into objectivity when I am hurting.

However, the Enneagram can not fully answer why certain painful moments have happened in my life. It can point to how my choices may have led to some events, the reasons of why I react in certain ways, how I was shaped by that pain, and some steps toward healing, but it can’t explain why the pain occurred to begin with.

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