A Conversation about the Enneagram with Jean Broadhurst - Sage Hill Counseling

I learned about the Enneagram when I was studying in seminary. Although I had heard of many different personality inventories and tests when studying psychology in college, I had never truly understood its power until graduate school. After taking a great deal of time to find my true number it has changed the way I see myself and relationships forever.

Knowing my Enneagram number has opened up a world of wisdom and understanding when it comes to my own introspection, relational possibilities, and career potential. The Enneagram has helped me to see each of my traits and quirks as not only having room for growth but also power for strengthening my loved ones, the work that I do, and my community. Although these numbers cannot possibly encompass all that we are and all that we feel, they are such a beautiful jumping off point for empathizing and understanding conversations with others, especially those whom we differ from in many ways.

I think that the Enneagram numbers allow for so many potential answers if we are willing to wrestle with the questions. Enneagram asks us the heart of who we are and how we exist in the world in order to give us language to interact with others and our own psyche with compassion and grace. The Enneagram also allows us to see the answer we all need reminding of, which is that no person is without strengths or flaws, swirled together in a complicated and beautiful mess. Making all of us worthy of love and understanding in our best and our worst attributes.

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