A Conversation about the Enneagram with Haley Boswell - Sage Hill Counseling

I learned about the Enneagram while in graduate school. A professor brought in an “Enneagram specialist” that reviewed the model and processed the myths around what it is and isn’t. From there, reading from various books and articles mixed with bringing it into my own therapeutic work has aided in learning about it to a greater depth.

I’m still not quite sure I “know” my number… that probably points to what number(s) I could be, but I see that as more of a journey to walk versus an endpoint I arrive at by taking an assessment. Today, learning about the numbers I resonate with helps me accept my preferences and desires more easily, which can lead to offering myself more grace and celebrate the way I’m wired versus fighting against it. The way the Enneagram exposes existential questions helps me bring my heart, not just my head, into relating to myself, others, and God.

With all of its benefits, there are still many questions that the Enneagram cannot answer: Am I enough? Am I competent today? What is my purpose? What/Where do I eat lunch today?

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