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“When I refer to ‘Creative living,’ I am speaking more broadly. I am talking about a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.” – Liz Gilbert (Big Magic)

When you think of the word CREATE do you judge yourself? Maybe thinking about how you aren’t a musician, an artist, or a fashion designer? What if the word meant something else instead of being tied to a career or a hobby?

Instead of something to be hung on a refrigerator or played on the radio it was a state of active listening or being. Creative living might be looking for beauty in unexpected places.

Now, hang tight because creativity thinks outside the box. However, it doesn’t do it to be “avant- garde” or “special.” It just IS.

The word create means to bring into existence or to form out of nothing. Wow. It’s a verb. A birth. A beginning. The next time you sit in your kitchen trying to decide what to cook. Listen. What do you want and what feels true. When you sit down your phone and allow your mind to wander, listen to what comes up in your heart. There will be silence first but then soft drops of thoughts will come to you. It will feel weird but you will begin to learn how to hear the voice of creativity. Once you get an idea, jot it down, or maybe share it with someone. It’s a scary, hopeful process.

Try being open. Being creative is about opening up the sunroof of your soul and allowing the sun to pour down. What will be dropped into your heart? but first you have to listen to the gentle nudges and be comfortable with sometimes nothing happening.

Everyone is creative. Everyone has the ability to listen. To feel. To download and to surrender to a beautiful process that takes their specific world view and the idea of receiving something foreign. Then magic can occur. Growing through listening and creating can cause such a deep connection to self, others, and God.

Look around. Creativity is everywhere. Creative living can not only open your heart but can heal parts of it. If you are willing to stay present to the process.

What might you hear today then imagine tomorrow?

Where might you be afraid to open up in order to receive the gift of creating?

Lastly, have you ever been hurt through risking a creative endeavor and have decided to shut that part of your heart down?

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