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COVID-19 Policies - Counseling, Online Counseling and Teletherapy - Nashville, TN

Sage Hill COVID-19 Policies

Therapy Guidelines During COVID

As an essential health care service, we remain committed to the highest standards of client care. We will continue to take a cautious and wise approach to both opening and operating by following the local, state, federal, and CDC guidelines.

Opening Cautiously

Sage Hill Counseling has adopted a four-phased approach that is tied to the “Roadmap for Recovery” in use in Davidson County. We will move phases in coordination with the county in which each of our counseling centers are located (Davidson, Rutherford, and Williamson).

We are currently operating under Phase 2 guidelines

Roadmap Phase 1: Options for virtual or in-person therapy.
At the clients and therapist’s discretion. Both clients and therapists can opt for virtual sessions. If you don’t feel comfortable seeing your therapist in person that is ok, and if your therapist doesn’t feel comfortable coming in, that is ok too. For in-person therapy, we have enhanced safety protocols as shown below.

Roadmap Phase 2: In-person therapy encouraged with a virtual therapy option.
Only clients can opt for in person or virtual sessions. If the client wants to come in, the therapist will see him/her in person.

Roadmap Phase 3: In-person therapy is to meet with limited virtual options.
Sessions will be conducted in person with appropriate distancing. Client can still opt for virtual session, but will be encouraged to come into the office

Roadmap Phase 4: In-person therapy
Expectation is that all clients would meet in person with rare exception (i.e health issue).

In accordance with the “Roadmap for Recovery” SHC will move to the next phase if there is positive improvement/stability in the metrics for 14 days.

Operating Cautiously

To accommodate clients who prefer in-person therapy sessions, we have installed enhanced safety protocols for the protection of our clients and therapists, including:

  1. Encouraging clients to stay in their cars until their therapist invites them into the building.
  2. Extending cleaning and disinfecting of offices and common spaces between every session.
  3. Staggering our session start-times to relieve facility congestion.
  4. Implementing no-touch payment procedures.
  5. Instituting health monitoring of our team members and implementing protocol for when/if they become symptomatic.
  6. Requiring clients to utilize teletherapy if they are symptomatic.
  7. Suspending the use of in-office coffee machines.
  8. Making sanitizer readily available.
  9. Propping open entrance and exit doors.

We are committed to monitoring the situation, remaining vigilant and adjusting where necessary.

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