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Working at Sage Hill

Belong to a community passionate about helping others live fully.

What is Sage Hill Counseling all about?

SHC is a community of like-minded professionals who desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves in order to significantly impact the world for good. We are a for-profit company.

Our professional communities are comprised of licensed and pre-licensed mental health practitioners, graduate students, and other related people-helping professionals.

SHC’s vision is to help change the world one story at a time by developing sustainable communities of professionals who practice with passion, intimacy, and integrity.

SHC’s mission is to help people recover their hearts, redeem their stories, and transform their lives by being an influential and impactful community of trusted professionals informed by the Spiritual Root System and supported in consistently offering the best of themselves as people and professionals.

Our motto is “You can live fully! We’re here to help.”

SHC has offices in Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

We’ve been in operation since 2014.

What are SHC’s core values?


We believe 1 + 1 = 4, and that we can always do more together than we can ever do alone.


We are a passionate people participating full heartedly and are willing to walk through pain for something greater than the pain.


We endeavor to live with wholeness and without secrets. We will tell the truth with integrity, especially when it’s hard.


We offer to ourselves, others, and God all we are, as we are, right now. We are really gifted and really limited people.


We give more of ourselves than we have to, because there is more than enough to go around; offering gratitude for other through appreciation, honor, celebration, and respect.

Working at SHC

What’s it like to work at SHC?

SHC provides a great supportive environment for our employees. There are a few key benefits that are worth mentioning:

  1. Intentional community. We gather regularly to support each other in the difficult work of the helping professions.
  2. Beautiful space. The work people do within the walls of SHC is challenging. Having an exceptional environment provides confidence, care, comfort, and safety to both those who seek help and those who provide help.
  3. Personal and Professional Growth. Every member of the sage hill community values growing as people and professionals. We are committed to professional development. Opportunities including Sage Hill Training, CEU events, professional and clinical mentoring, case consultation, and clinical skill-building workshops.
  4. Professional Support. General business support services including Phone answering, scheduling of first appointments for clients, office cleaning, payment processing, office supplies and more. Comprehensive marketing support including website, business cards, social media advertising, blogs, speaking and community outreach opportunities, and collateral material.
  5. Competitive Compensation. We are proud of the compensation opportunities our community members have. Often in the people-helping professions, professionals are asked to sacrifice their earning potential in order to fulfill their professional call. SHC provides competitive compensation, professional development, mobile phone allowance, and reimbursement for any mileage driven to and from work-related requirements.

What’s difficult about working at SHC?

Like every organization, we aren’t perfect—far from it. As a small, rapidly growing company, we don’t have it all figured out. In many ways, we are learning as we go, and this can sometimes be stressful because it requires a lot of flexibility, patience, and optimism. We are getting better at knowing who we are and what we do as a company, but we aren’t fully there yet.

SHC fosters an environment of creativity and innovation. We are entrepreneurial at our core and encourage each other to think outside of the box to develop new ways to help people and grow as a company. This kind of iterative change and adaptability is challenging for some people especially those who need a lot of predictability and security.

Who is a good fit to work at SHC?

People who:

  • place a high value on relationships both inside and outside of work,
  • are deeply involved in their own personal, emotional, and spiritual recovery,
  • value hard work, taking risks, and integrity,
  • want to be part of a team,
  • are teachable, adaptable, flexible, have a growth mindset, and are open to new ideas,
  • appreciate the value of open and honest feedback (they seek out, receive, offer and incorporate personal and professional feedback, and
  • have an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

Who is NOT a good fit to work at SHC?

People who:

  • are passionate about building their own brand and influence,
  • just want a job (not a mission to be part of),
  • are looking for an office space to rent, and
  • are not familiar with their own recovery story.

How do I work at SHC?

We want to make sure that you’re a good fit for SHC, and that SHC is a good fit for you. We have a discovery and interview process, that we invite potential community members to participate in that helps both them and SHC decide if it is a mutually good fit.

There are four ways that professionals are employed at SHC.

  1. Unpaid masters and doctoral practicum and internship Students. (We ask that you complete both your practicum and internship at SHC.)
  2. Post-Graduate Fellowship for pre-licensed professionals. These advanced training programs are typically two years.
  3. Full Time and Part-time, and bi-vocatonal professionals.

Does SHC provide health insurance or other traditional employee benefits?

We are a small, lean, and growing company. At this time, we do not provide traditional employee benefits like health, vision, or 401k, etc. When a professional joins SHC they are responsible for their own health insurance. If needed, we can give you some direction in finding the right resources.

Do you provide licensure supervision?

SHC provides licensure supervision for its full-time therapists. For those who are not full time, we provide clinical mentoring and training (some of these hours can count towards licensure as secondary supervision hours with our LPC-MHSP and AAMFT supervisors.

What location is available for new employees?

This changes from time to time. This question is best asked during your discovery process to find out what is currently available.

What is the interview process like?

We have a 45-day “discovery” process. This is a multi-step process and the different layers are designed to help you discover whether we are a good fit for your needs and if you are a good fit for our mission, values, and culture. So long as it is a fit, you will be invited to continue to the next step. We encourage you to carefully consider your timeline and if this 45-day process will work for you. If it does, please continue to our Apply Now page.

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