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What Is Anxiety Trying to Tell You?

Anxiety is imagination filled with
the rocket fuel of fear and distrust.

The Other Side of Freedom

My daughter recently had her braces taken off. After two years of nightly headgear and metal on her mouth, she was finally free. Since she had them put on, she would talk about how much she missed her “freedom”. Yes, the freedom of eating sticky candy, whole apples,...

What if? What then?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “If I could just know the future, then everything would be ok.” This kind of magical thinking troubles a lot of us. It’s called anxiety, and thoughts like this carry the potential for a lot of wasted energy. Anxiety is a powerful...

Anxiety in My Body: Listen to the Birds

Perhaps you’ve heard the stories of canaries in coal mines. Miners would take these yellow birds down into the depths of the earth because of their sensitivity to harmful elements - these birds would sound the proverbial alarm that would signal danger to the miners...


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