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Hope in the Age of Addiction - Counseling, Online Counseling and Teletherapy - Nashville, TN

Real Hope Is NOT Out of Reach

Hope in the Age of Addiction:
How to Find Freedom and Restore Your Relationships

Creativity Finds You

“When I refer to ‘Creative living,’ I am speaking more broadly. I am talking about a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.” – Liz Gilbert (Big Magic) When you think of the word CREATE do you judge yourself? Maybe thinking about how you aren’t...

When Did You Stop Creating?

“It seems we have this inborn need to love and to create. At their deepest, these drives of spirit appear to be the same. For through her love, wasn’t Grandma creating me? Don’t we help birth another the instant we encourage them to see with their heart? Don’t we...

A Conversation about the Enneagram with Abby Combs

The Enneagram was mentioned in grad school, but I never looked much into it. When I started interviewing for positions in Nashville, I had several interviewers talk about how Enneagram being a language for many Nashville clients and had a friend from here recommend I...

Find Hope!

With an honest assessment of the facts, yet always reaching out toward hopeful solutions, counselors Chip Dodd and Stephen James explain what addiction really is, how it works, and why it is so damaging to our hearts, souls, minds, and relationships.

They then take us beyond mere coping techniques that allow us to function to the real solution–restoring our broken relationship with our Creator so that we can rediscover how to live fully the way we were created to live.


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