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A good friend recently took the time to send me a prayer that he has been praying for himself and his friends for some time. I’m very grateful to be someone he prays for.

He told me to pass it along, so other friends and loved ones could be reminded to pray for themselves and others they care about. He reminded me that a friend is someone who halves our sorrows and doubles our joys. He is definitely someone who has shared my sorrows and my joys.

We all need friends we are connected to, people who know us from the inside out, and we them. People who we share our lives with, especially since we are fulfilled through connection to ourselves, others, and God. We live in a time of extraordinary contact through technology and, ironically, at the same time, less connection on an emotional and spiritual level. We have fewer confidants and more contacts than ever before (Please see blog “The Problem of Loneliness”). In as much, I’m very grateful for the prayer that connects us.

He sent the prayer as, “Prayer for Me and a Friend.”

Dear God,

I pray for deeper dependence upon you and others, because I know that there is nowhere else to go. Nothing in this life fills my heart and moves me to care like relationship with you.

Grow my willingness to struggle by caring too much rather than too little. Infuse me with care when I have none; passion where fear dominates; and faith in the face of negativity.

Fill me with the courage of action, and the wisdom of restraint. Let my dependence grow my strength to stand for whatever is true, good, lovely, and just. By knowing I’m never alone, I can stand alone. By knowing you are with me, I can accept the results, whatever they are.

Give me strength I did not know I have. Grant me faith to bring a spirit of goodness and purpose to places of disorder. Let me walk with others from despair and destruction to places of hope and fulfillment, as you and others have done with me. Let me bring liberation to bondage and perseverance in the face of defeat. And give me the freedom to celebrate outcomes of love.

I cannot give what I do not have. So continuously fill my empty places that I may live with a heart of generosity, knowing that I can get more from you. Your supplies never run dry.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit,


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