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Movement 7 (Beatitudes)

Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons of God. 

At rest deep within themselves are those who know that in spite of all appearances of everything in this world, God’s love is at work like the backbeat in the symphony of living. In quietness, we can hear it. In trust, we know that He is at creation’s beginning, middle and end in synchronous detail.  

In daily surrender we receive the gift of trusting His divine order, that He is taking care of His own and His creation. We know whose we are and thus who we are. We know where the water is; we drink from the well. We know where the green grass is; we lie in it. We know where the bread is; we eat at the table. We know where the light is; it is always on and shines our way. We know where our home is; we are headed there. He sets us at one again with Him daily. We know in this assurance that while we struggle as we are made to do in the daily vicissitudes of living, He is present and active. He has done for us what we could not do in 10,000 years for ourselves.

We are sons and daughters of the Creator and creation, made to offer to others who we were always made to be. Maximum service is the highest order of expression of creativity and fulfillment. We are carriers of water, makers of bread, beacons of light, pursuers of justice, shapers of beauty, builders of shelters, beckons towards home, expressions of nobility. We create atmospheres of safe places where creation and creating overcome “voidition” *

We are claimed by blood to be sons and daughters, emissaries of a great and only King. We, therefore, deliver a message, separate from the ways of the world, get fully involved in the ways of creation. We go further and farther. We are reconcilers and, therefore, dividers. We are at war through creativity against all things despairing, destructive, dark, and voiding of life.

* voidition: the act of seducing or drawing someone into the null or void.  



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