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Movement 6 (Beatitudes)

Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.

No longer do we look at others from a worldly point of view. Instead, we see others as we see ourselves. “But for the grace of God so I”. These words are more than a phrase. It is a breathing truthful recognition of our growing wisdom. We have a keen understanding of human nature; that is, left to my own devices, my word and my intentions count for little. We also have developed a deep awareness of the truth of God’s intimate, caring sovereignty in our lives. The two things put together — recognition of life’s tragic nature and recognition of God’s faithfulness make wisdom. We who desire to live the full life of gratitude and awe seek God’s will, and we wish to remain in the flow of His processes. We surrender to God daily, expressing the need of God and the desire to live well His life-impulses of creation. We know that those who get to delight in a God, He meets in the desires of their hearts.

We have grown wise enough to know that secrets keep us in darkness and that a refusal to seek truth about ourselves renders us blind again. We know that we need others and God to remain in the liberty that Jesus Christ has granted us through his birth, life, death, resurrection, and Spirit. 

We the questers for life, desirous of living the fullest of love, need to stay open to God’s will because we know it is good.

We do not lose heart because we have renounced secret and shameful ways; we do not use deception, nor do we attempt to twist God’s ways or His words to avoid gaining wisdom. Instead, we trust; we set forth the truth of our lives plainly with story, and we commend ourselves to every man’s own conscious in the sight of God, who we now know sees all and seeks to reconcile all to Himself. 

We see God in our daily lives and seek that others know this same sight of heart. We walk upon the earth as free men and women and wish that others could, likewise, be lifted out of the inertia and entropy of this world.  Romans, chapter eight has become living truth for us. 


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