Movement 2 (Beatitiudes) - Sage Hill Counseling

Movement 2 (Beatitiudes)

Blessed are those who grieve, for they will be comforted. 

Brokenhearted with loss are those who begin to see the cost of all their failed attempts to have life without having to be vulnerable in need and open hearted to themselves, others and God. Blessed are those who admit how tired they are and worn down by trying to make it without help for their own hearts. We begin to see the cost of our egotism to ourselves and others, the torment of our own toxic shame and contempt we have towards our desire for life and our own neediness. We are terribly burdened with loss, with waste, with regret. 

We begin to listen to words that before now we may only have heard: come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden with the refuse of your own regrets, failures, sins, broken dreams, unfulfilled desires and deep soul tiredness and I will give you rest, restoring you to who you are made to be. Take my way as you give up your own; let me be with you, in, and beside you. Let me show you about life. I am its author. For I am the one you can fall into the hands of and I grasp where you are. My heart has been broken and resurrected; I can give you healing and I wish to do so. I can give you re-creation all the way into your very essence — even into your very soul. I hold you. 

Sad, lonely, aching, exhausted regretful, remorseful, broken, repentant — I can meet you there and comfort you. 

We have found comfort in our grief. We have seen the cost of our egotism. We have been blessed in surrender. We have been loved in grief. We cried out, God showed up. We know the comfort of God’s presence in the voices and actions of others, in His Spirit, in His circumstances. We have quit running away and have begun resting with the Presence of the One who can hold our lives and make us whole. We have found the words of the prophet to be true in Isaiah 30:15. 

In repentance and rest is your salvation. 

In quietness and trust is your strength. 


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