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Movement 4 (Beatitudes)

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.  

Continually fulfilled and gratified in heart are those who continued to return and remember where they were, how they were restored, and what they have received in giving back over to God what was really never theirs to possess anyway. We carry a core living hope in all circumstances and through all seasons. Surrender is now a word that leads to gratitude: I get to be with God and others and myself in heart instead of surviving behind walls of vigilance, always focused on survival instead of living.  

We have rendered ourselves back over to the Creator, giving Him His image bearing within us. He has given us good, that which brings life and more life, more of what we are created to desire. He has done great good. We came to believe Him. He has counted our surrender to Him as good enough for Him to give us His kingdom, His goodness, His creation through the first three Beatitudes. We wish for more. Having drunk from His living waters, and eaten His bread, we return over and over again for more of His goodness. We want more and more for Him to do in our lives. We hunger and thirst for “rightness”, to please Him, to keep believing, for more and continuous replenishment. We live in fellowship.  

We find ourselves accepted and loved forever by God. If we do not face our hunger and thirst for more of God and His ways, we will begin to quench His goodness for us. We must not be satisfied ever again with little, and yet we can rest in little because His great Presence is with us. 

Lest we think that the doorway into heaven, comfort and security of His Presence, and having greatness to do on this earth is enough, God knows we will want even more. He desires us to hunger and thirst for more, and He has promised to provide in our continuing surrender of who we are to Him. We can listen to Psalm 23 and know our God and who He sees us to be. 

This is our God, and this is who He sees us to be.


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