Surrendering in the Beatitudes - Sage Hill Counseling

Surrendering in the Beatitudes

Through the Beatitudes we discover truths of living fully with us fully in the living. They have to be experienced to be known; touched to be real; lived emotionally and spiritually to be true. They offer the way to live truth fully that leads to a life of living in passion and vision. 

Through these movements of surrendering to how we are made and who we are made to be, our hearts become gratified. Our souls awakened. Our minds engaged. And finally, our bodies directed. Without being changed by surrender and becoming who we are made to be, our bodies lust, always clamoring for control of others. Our brains hunt for our bodies. Our souls wander aimlessly. Our hearts become satiated, at best, over and over again, like a baby surviving on cotton candy instead of the milk of life. 

We are made to grow in heart, from the inside out, and develop the character to match our hearts. 

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