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War of Love

We are at war and everyone participates, even those people who think that they watch from a distance to see the outcomes or focus only on avoidance of involvement. My pulse quickens to think of their fate, coming to the end of their lives on earth, having missed so much, participated in so little, and left almost nothing but a heritage of illusion. Their lives last an interminable amount of time as they watch seconds that lead nowhere. 

Oh God, how we need these creatures and children of yours to be alive in their own lives so that they speak for creation. They themselves are made to do so by living fully, loving deeply, and leading well the heartbeat that says, “alive” and has your name on it, Lord.

We are living, loving, and leading in an all out war. In this war, you are not known by your color, social, or economic status, not even known, as odd as this may sound, by your words. You are known by your creativity, by your addition, and multiplication. I cannot judge. I can only discern and choose. We can only hope. We cannot necessarily know the outcomes, but certainly the end of life will speak the truth based upon the legacy of how well each person actively hoped. 

Did we fight in the war of love for something other than our survival that at least one other person can treasure in their hearts? Did we fight to bring light into the midst of darkness? Did we bring creation of life into destruction; did we bring hope where despair ruled? Did we step with courage into the deaths that surround us? Life is not a place we get away from. It is what we live by facing how we are made, who we are made to be, whose we are made to be, and what we are made to do. We are made to live fully, love deeply, and lead well lives worth living by being at war for all that adds and multiplies life.  And yes, we must.

Fight those who war against the addition and multiplication, who would steal, kill, and destroy. But we do so with weapons of life — which claims victory over every death.

Build, build, build sanctuaries. Builders of sanctuaries start with you; everyday build them; everyday build them. Come with me by joining your own life, with others, and with God. Live the restoration, recovery, redemption, reconciliation, recreation, replenishment. My life is dedicated to helping people see who they are made to be, so that they can do what they are made to do. We are made to live fully, love deeply, and lead well.

– Chip Dodd

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