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If you stroll down the streets of your neighborhood right now, it’s likely you’ll see a lot of parked cars lining the curbs and driveways. Walk a little further and you’ll pass cafes, restaurants and shops with their lights off and doors locked. These are just a few small signs that this is not a normal workweek.

When you have to be at home in quarantine, things look and feel a lot different than they would on a glorious PTO day. It is not quite the “day off” or staycation that you might envision.

So, what do we do with ourselves when the world seems to be chaotic, but our homes and towns are eerily quiet and still? How do we take care of ourselves when our regular routines are thrown-out the window?

Here are a few suggestions of how to do inexpensive self-care while being cooped up at home, in the name of avoiding COVID19:

1. Stay in touch with friends and family.

Via FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangout, or the Marco Polo app. Connect with other faces and pursue real conversations.

2. Eat healthy!

Stock up on whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as proteins. But, don’t be too restrictive.

3. Take up a hobby. Let’s say…cooking!

Now is a great time to cook up that healthy recipe you’ve been wanting to try! Try out the app “Yummly”… they provide recipe recommendations personalized to your tastes, allergies, and preferences.

4. Read a new book.

The library is closed but no need to fret. There’s an app called “Libby” where you can link your local library and rent e-books and audiobooks for free—for two weeks—just like you do in person but all from your phone or other device!

5. Get outside!

The outdoors are open for business! Go on a walk, run or bike ride to get your blood flowing and release those feel-good brain chemicals.

6. Work out.

Stuck inside from the rain? Gym closed? Pull up YouTube and type in whatever kind of work-out you’re looking for: Yoga, pilates, hip-hop, or maybe something you wouldn’t otherwise try in a class full of other people.

7. Take a bath.

Dim down those lights, fire up some candles, pour in bath bubbles and turn acoustic guitar on your device. Voila! You’ve got a spa right in your home.

8. Meditate.

Utilize the free “basics” course on the app Headspace to find your zen.

9. Take a break from social platforms.

There are a lot of fear-based reactions and false information going around out there. The facts are hard enough. Stay informed but don’t get carried away. Take a break from social media and even the news.

10. Find ways to express your feelings.

Perhaps this looks like journaling, talking to a friend or maybe you need to schedule a virtual session with a therapist. The good news is that therapy is very accessible right now.


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